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The Genevieve Society will be hosting its fourth annual Pennsylvania Society reception honoring the women of Pennsylvania on:
Friday December 13, 4-6 pm
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About Genevieve Blatt

The Honorable Genevieve Blatt (1913-1996) was a lifelong public servant and the first woman to hold a state-wide, elected office in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Born and Raised in East Brady, Pennsylvania, Blatt received B.A., M.A., and J.D. degrees from the University of Pittsburgh. A Pennsylvania appellate judge –the first woman to sit on the court—and pioneer in environmental advocacy and champion of gender equality, civil participation, and economic advancement, Genevieve Blatt was one of the most influential women in Pennsylvania politics.

The Genevieve Society is named in her honor and strives to further her legacy.

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Founders Eleanor Dezzi, Denise Smyler, and Abbe Fletman.
Three of the Genevieve Society founders were at the first organizational meeting, including from left to right: Denise Smyler, Eleanor Dezzi, Abbe Fletman.

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